Manage Alerts

The process of adding alerts for performance audits and health checks is as follows:

  1. Create an alert in the alerts page.
  2. Add the alert from above to pages in page management. Find details about alert settings in the Manage Pages docs.

Read about what triggers different alert types in the features page.


Adding email alerts is straightforward. The only noteworthy item is that after an email alert is created, it must be verified. A verification email is sent automatically and only requires the user to click on the link.


Integration of Slack is also straight forward. Upon clicking the "Add" button, we redirect the user through an OAuth handshake with Slack's API in which a selection of channel or private message is made. The user should be re-directed back to Foo with a new Slack alert ready to be added to pages. We support multiple Slack integrations.


By integrating with PagerDuty incidents are automatically created and resolved. To create a PagerDuty integration simply choose it from the dropdown and add an integration key from your account. You can create an integration key by following PagerDuty documentation. If given the option of Events API v1 or v2 - choose v2.

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