Manage Pages

Pages can be created, updated and deleted. Every page created will be monitored by performance audits and health checks. Users can choose regions, health, performance, and alert settings for each page.

Health Check Settings

  • Unhealthy condition: This option allows the user to define the condition that deems a page "unhealthy". By default pages are considered unhealthy when it responds with an HTTP error status code (400 or above). Users can also choose the opposite which could be useful in testing an error page for example.

Performance Settings

Performance audits are run by Lighthouse. Default settings mirror that of Chrome's DevTools extension "audits" panel. Users have control over throttling and device settings per page. Below are some helpful links about configuring Lighthouse.


Setting up alerts is a two step process as outlined in the Manage Alerts docs.

  • Performance score drop alerting threshold: The number of performance score points allowed to drop before alerting. If this is set to 10 for example while the average performance score for a page is 85 and an audit results with a score of 74 - alerts would be dispatched if set. In that example if an audit results with a score of 80 - no alerts would be dispatched.
  • Performance score improvement alerting threshold: This is the same idea as above except the opposite. Alerts are dispatched when a score is equal to or more than this number of points above the average.

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