Simple Feature Toggle Management

Access and manage feature toggles from our web UI and REST API. Easily establish environments, split traffic and gradual rollouts.

About Feature Toggles

What is a Feature Toggle?

Feature toggles (otherwise known as feature flags or feature switches) are a software development technique that provides a way of turning functionality or display on and off during runtime, without deploying new code.

Why are Feature Toggles Important?

Feature toggles allow for more control and experimentation over the full lifecycle of features. Feature toggle use is a best practice in DevOps, often occurring within distributed version control systems.

How do Feature Toggles Provide Rollbacks?

Feature toggles allow engineering teams to test new features in production without the risk of a bad release by providing a way to quickly roll back the feature if necessary via a "kill switch". With the inability to often test in a true production environment, feature toggles allow you to validate the functionality of new feature releases in the real world with risk.

How do Feature Toggles Enhance Continuous Deployment & Continuous Delivery?

Teams can employ feature toggles to continuously deliver and deploy software to their users in a faster way. The use of toggles can promote gradual feature rollouts, bugfixes without redeploying, a more streamlined development cycle and rollbacks of code with ease.

Feature toggles can enhance CI/CD by making "continuous" more attainable. This practice is a key component of a continuous delivery implementation, allowing the separation of feature rollout from code deployment. Unfinished features can be merged into the production codebase but hidden behind feature flags.

With continuous delivery and feature flag management, a team can control and measure their features at scale.

Product Features

With feature toggles from Foo you can easily create, manage and implement toggles on your website.

  • Web interface to add and manage toggles
  • Support for multiple users
  • REST API to fetch toggle state and implement in your code
  • Split traffic functionality supports a percentage of users toggled on
  • Graduated rollout functionality supports a percentage of users toggled on a start date and a different percentage on an end date

How it Works

  1. Create environments and toggles in the web interface
  2. Adjust any optional settings including split traffic or graduated rollout
  3. Update any toggle by environment
  4. Web developers can follow documentation to utilize the REST API and build features around toggle states
  5. Toggle features on and off with a simple click

For more details check out our documentation about how to get started with Foo's feature toggles and create a feature toggle.


We also offer pricing for combined services. All paid, premium accounts include a 1 month free trial. You can cancel anytime before trial end without being charged.

All include plans include the following features.

  • 1 month free trial. You can cancel anytime before trial end without being charged.
  • Gentle rate limiting. We know what it's like to manage an app. When rate limits are met, we don't immediately "shut it down". Your team will be reminded over the course of gracious timespan. You'll have a chart online in your account showing usage in real-time.
  • Upgrade anytime. Choose the plan you're most comfortable with and upgrade anytime.
  • Web interface to manage toggles and settings with simple clicks.
  • REST API and elaborate documentation for your engineers

Customized Plans

Had something else in mind? Whether you want higher rate limiting or custom pricing, contact us to help us come up with a plan that best meets your needs.