Foo Demo and Other Videos

Helpful videos to assist in using our website performance monitoring tool.

How to Create a Page

This demos how to create a page to run performance audits against. You can create an account for free and setup automated website performance runs. You can see a chart of changes over time.

How to Create Alerts

This demos how to create alerts that are triggered when performance has changed from an audit. Use our performance monitoring tool to stay on top of changes. Choose email, Slack and PagerDuty alerts.

How to Use Foo's Public API and a Continuous Delivery Example

This demo shows how to utilize the REST API. It shows an example of a continuous delivery workflow in circleci. We trigger performance audits automatically as a post-deploy step. This is a method of performance regression testing in which we can associate performance results with a specific build.

A Guide to Videos Testing and Examples

See a presentation by Adam Henson at the National Software Testing Conference at the British Museum in London.