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Introducing Foo Tutorials: Learn How to Use Our Services

Introducing Foo Tutorials: Learn How to Use Our Services

This is just a general announcement to highlight a new section of our website to fill in any missing details users are running into. Our new tutorials section provides posts diving deep into realms of our website and service that may not be so straightforward. From simple topics like monitoring page experience with Lighthouse to staying on top of SEO with Slack notifications, our goal is to educate users and potential users about our service.

Foo aims to equip individuals and teams to provide the best experience to software users from all walks of life by continuously analyzing and addressing performance, accessibility, best practice and SEO. We can only carryout this mission if our services are clearly documented. Below are some resources to provide this documentation. If you feel that something is missing or have ideas about a tutorial we can provide, feel free to contact us!

Recent Tutorials

Below are the most recent tutorials we're launching with, but stay tuned!

How to Monitor Website Performance and Page Experience with Lighthouse
This post explains how to monitor Lighthouse scores with Foo to improve page experience and in turn SEO results. Monitor performance, SEO and more.
How to Monitor Page Experience with Web Vitals
This post explains how to monitor page experience utilizing the Web Vitals library to gather metrics and Foo as a service to surface them.
How to Configure Slack Notifications with Lighthouse Monitoring
Learn how to configure Slack with Foo’s Lighthouse monitoring to keep you in the loop when page experience has improved or degraded.